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7 Principles of Dreams in Motion

7 Principles of Dreams in Motion
by Shari Mastalski
February 24, 2019
After finally achieving my bachelor’s degree in horticulture with minors in theater and dance at the age of 54, I went on to complete a master’s degree in sustainable systems. Afterwards, I needed a year to figure out where to go with this unusual skill set. God gave me seven principles of Dreams in Motion which I have tweaked, practiced, rewritten, and simplified over the past nine years. This is what we need to bring our inner dreams to life. I use these principles in all my teaching, whether in sustainable systems, creative dance, or Bible study.
1. Be present. You are here at the right time and place. You are here for a purpose. You are unique and important. Say, “I am here!” Yes, you are.
2. You are the space-shaper. Wherever you are, you change the shape of the space by your presence in it. What do you bring? Kindness, peace, love, joy? Say, “I am the space-shaper!”
3. You are not alone. You have the support you need to accomplish the visions of your heart. Say, “Together we are brilliant!”
4. You have a dream. Deep inside of you is the thing that you were born to do. When you do it, it feels like flying! Voice your vision. Say, “I have a dream.”
5. Listen. Listen to the dreams of others. Say, “I’m listening now.”
6. Do one thing. Do one thing today (every day) to make your dream come to life. Say, “Do one thing.”
7. Be still. There is a place of quiet stillness out of which flows the action of your dreams. Spend time in this place. Say, “Be still.”

InterPlay Mindful Exhibition

Mindful Exhibition

Dancing with A Wing and a Prayer Pittsburgh InterPlayers at the Mindful Exhibition, Contemporary Crafts.  Being Mindful of mental illness in its many forms.  Keep the dialog going to bring light into darkness.  We don’t have all the answers, but we can dance with the questions.


Shari Mastalski Dancing with Systems

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Photo by Erin Tetterton